King Bartus Rask II

A troubled king seeking a cure for his wife's curse who abandoned the throne never to be heard from again.


The Forgotten King

King Bartus Rask II was the ruler of the kingdom of Mordana. In his younger years, he was well known for his extravagant tastes. He irresponsibly taxed his people heavily to afford his frivilous lifestyle.

The House of Vorell held lordship over the village of Kesmet within the kingdom. Lord Hamilton Vorell was the head of the family beside his wife Eva and his only daughter, Saia. Unfortunately, Kesmet had fallen on hard times and was routinely not meeting the expected tribute. It was not long before the king came to call on the House of Vorell to collect on thir debts.

King Rask II sought the outstanding balance of Kesmet’s tribute debts. However, it was on this visit that Bartus first met the Lord’s daughter, Saia. He was quite taken with her beauty. So much so that he agreed to eliminate their debt as a dowry for her hand in marriage.

Hamilton was glad to accept the terms of the agreement, but his wife, Eva, was outraged. She was secretly well practiced in witchcraft and wove a spell upon Saia that would induce an irreversable slumber on her immediately after the night of her wedding. After doing so, she fled Kesmet and went into hiding.

After the wedding was over Saia fell into a deep trance. King Rask II called forth Hamilton to explain the tragic turn in his new wife’s health, but Lord Vorell was completely oblivious. Bartus was furious. He saw Hamilton executed, convinced that he had conspired to use her to punish him in protest of their taxation. Over the next several years he consulted sorceror’s from all over the realm, but none were able to reverse he potent curse upon his bride.

Bartus abandoned his throne to seek a cure for his spellbound wife’s stasis. His quest led him to foreign lands and he mysteriously disappeared. Due to her condition, the queen never bore Bartus any children, let alone a son to be his heir. Once Bartus was declared presumed dead, his nephew, King Ulrich Garmond took the throne.

Memories of Bartus Rask II were quicky lost in glory of his nephew’s prosperous reign and as such very few in the kingdom cared to lament his disappearance.

King Bartus Rask II

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