King Ulrich Garmond

Ruler over the Kingdom of Mordana, now a petrified shadow of his former self.


King Garmond was reknowned as a king of great wisdom and kindness. His subjects adored him, as his rule brought the kingdom of Mordana unprecidented prosperity and harmony.

Ulrich rose to power following the disappearance of his Uncle, the late King Bartus Rask II.

Many people were actually relieved when Garmond was crowned. Rask had left a sour taste with the kingdom after imposing excessive taxes to accomodate his extravegant lifestyle and then turned wholly apathetic to the needs of the kingdom after the reported death of his wife, Queen Saia Rask.

Unfortunately, tragedy befell King Garmond’s great kingdom when the Shadowfell suddenly encroached upon the capital city of Aurum, transforming it into a twisted shadow of it’s former glory and petrifying the good king upon his throne.

King Ulrich Garmond

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