Lady Eva Vorell

A vengeful wife and mother, apalled by her husbands betrayal.


Lady Eva Vorell was wife to Lord Hamilton Vorell, and with him, oversaw the port town Kesmet. She was beautiful, intelligent and strong-willed. She was much admired by her people.

Unfortunately, Eva was growing increasingly discontent with her marriage. She had began to resent her husband for handing over any access wealth as tribute to the king instead of investing it into improving their city. As time went on, she grew to loathe King Rask, II and his insatiable greed.

When the king slighted their loyalty by building Yroba, Eva grew bitter and spiteful. She watched, tortured, as her beautiful town slowly turned ugly, dirty and corrupt. She held the king wholly responsible and vowed to herself that justice would be done. However, it was when Hamilton offered up their only child as payment, their precious daughter Saia, that she took it upon herself to exact terrible vengeance on King Rask, II who had ruined her family and home.

Eva, in her spare time, fostered a fascination in witchcraft. Over the years, she had aquired extensive knowledge in hexes, curses and potions. On the night her daughter was set to leave for her wedding in Aurum, she concoted a potion of eternal slumber and wove a spell unto it that, following her wedding ceremony, her daughter would be entranced in sleep so long as King Bartus Rask, II yet lived. Also, she presented Saia with a beautiful crystal necklace, which she had secretly placed a warding spell to protect her sweet child in her sleep.

Knowing that being found responsible for this act would mean certain death, she went into hiding, leaving her husband and Kesmet behind forever.

Lady Eva Vorell

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