Lord Hamilton Vorell

A troubled Lord, forced to make an impossible decision.


Lord Hamilton Vorell was husband to Lady Eva Vorell and oversaw the port town Kesmet during the rule of King Bartus Rask, II.

Hamiltion was a very loyal subject of King Rask, II. He consistantly paid timely taxes to the king, often giving more than was asked of him to seek favor. As such, it came as a heart-breaking shock when the king sentenced his town to ruin by ordering the construction of Yroba.

As his town sank into depression, it became clear that all his contributions had earned him was the disdain of his wife and an impoverished life for his daughter. On top of that, the king grew angry and impatient with Hamilton’s inability to produce a satisfactory tribute. King Rask, II traveled to Kesmet to confront Hamilton and it was at this meeting that King Rask, II met Lord Vorell’s beautiful, young daughter Saia.

King Rask, II suggested an alternative payment of Hamilton offering his daughter in lieu of monetary taxes. Eva wouldn’t hear of such a travesty, but Hamilton saw it as a no lose situation. Kesmet would be spared the king’s ire and Saia would be privledged to live the lavish life of a queen. He agreed to the king’s proposal against Eva’s wishes, earning her skorn for the remainder of his days. He attended the wedding ceremony alone.

However, at the end of the ceremony something went terribly awry. Saia fell into a slumber from which she could not awaken. King Rask, II blamed Hamilton and his calculating wife, claiming they cursed their daughter to spite him. Lord Hamilton Vorell was executed that day without ever knowing what truly trasnpired.


Lord Hamilton Vorell

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