Queen Saia Rask

A spell-stricken ruler tragically trapped in eternal slumber.


Queen Saia Rask, formerly Saia Vorell was the only daughter of Lord Hamilton and Lady Eva Vorell. She was born and raised in the port town Kesmet.

Saia met King Bartus Rask II on a tax collection visit to her father’s manor. She was made aware of her father’s arrangement to offer her in payment of their debts. While she was not attracted to Bartus, she was eager to do what she could to aide her village’s financial woes and therefore had no objection in the acceptance of the king’s proposal.

Unbeknownst to her, her mother had bewitched her before she left for Aurum. As soon as the wedding ceremony ended she slipped from consciousness and remained preserved in a trance state. Accused of malicious trickery, her father, Hamilton, was executed on the spot.

The king had a secret shrine built for her in the royal catacombs beneath the castle and told his people that she had fallen ill and died. King Rask, II then ventured far from his kingdom to search out a cure for her condition, but disappeared never achieving that objective. She remains forgotten beaneath the castle to this day forever frozen in time.

Queen Saia Rask

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