Known as the Light of Mordana and the kingdom’s greatest city, Aurum is a massive territory encompassing the king’s castle and surrounding settlments.

Aurum sits in the very northren most region of Mordana, settled against the grand Skyreach Peaks. From its position it oversees rulership over the entire peninsula.

The royal palace in Aurum is well known for its trio of ivory towers and an exceptionally robust and beautiful garden.

Surrounding the palace are the four districts of Aurum: Temple, Residency, Knowledge and Military. Each district has various shops and services to the public. The Temple District holds various shrines to the pantheon of deities most revered in Mordana. The Residency District is where the majority of the population lives. The Knowledge District is where studies of academia, history and the arcane take place. The Military District houses weapon storehouses, training grounds and tactical strategy panels.

Unfortunately, none of the splendor of this grand city remains. After being overtaken by the Shadowfell, the castle’s ivory towers are now dismal, dark and twisted. The city streets, once bustling with commerce and activity, are now populated by nothing more than the listless souls of the displaced. Aurum, once a shimmering vision of splendor, is now an entry point for terrible creatures of darkness and a symbol of misery and loss throughout the kingdom.



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