Kesmet, located on the far south tip of the peninsula near Marino, is one of the only truly impoverished cities in all of Mordana to remain so after King Ulrich’s rise to power. In fact, rebuilding and aiding the struggling and dilapidated region was one of the king’s most critical projects prior to the tragedy in Aurum.

It used to be that Kesmet was in fact one of the most prosperous towns in all of Mordana. It was actually the first port town to be established and the trade industry boomed the small village into a lucrative city.

Yet, during his rule, King Rask II grew impatient waiting upwards of a month for his goods to arrive and funded the building of a newer, larger port town further north on the penisula, a mere week away from the capital of Aurum. The new port city, Yroba, quickly stole the majority of commerce, as it was more ideally positioned to cater directly to the palace. Thus, Kesmet saw a swift and steep decline in trade. People and businesses soon began to leave to other settlements and Kesmet was set off on the road to financial ruin.

However, Queen Saia would prove to be the true nail in Kesmet’s coffin. The spirit of the city was never the same after the “death” of the queen and the subsequent loss of the heads of the House of Vorell. Extreme poverty and depression sank the town deeper into turmoil, as crime and disease were left to flourish in Kesmet’s forgotten alleys. Few traders still frequent the port, which is now used more for trafficking illegal goods and slaves rather than legitimate business ventures.

Ironically, its position has, for now, kept it out of reach of the approaching Shadowfell’s growing reach. Though there are those who would say that Kesmet itself is far worse than anything the Shadowfell could produce.



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