Letty is a city of intellectuals and inventors, located west of Aurum in northern Mordana. Great minds of Mordana are generally found here or in the Knowledge District in Aurum. Letty has a reknowned academies of technology and arcana. Some of the worlds most incredible magical and technological break-throughs were first pondered in their great halls. Word has it that some prominant inventors in Letty is closing in on unravelling the secrets of flight.

Unfortunately, all the knowledge in the world could not have prepared them for the dark assailants who dominated their city. However, it did allow several to make a hasty escape before the town was drawn into the Shadowfell. The refuge Lettians remain in hiding, attempting to discern a way to save Mordana.

The dark forces now in control are said to be using the workshops and re-purposing the technology for their own twisted gain.



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