The territory of the kingdom Mordana occupies a large secluded peninsula south of mountain range known as the Skyreach Peaks. With the exception of a few perilous passes through the mountains, the only point of entry into Mordana is through one of its numerous port towns. The seas surrounding Mordana are quite calm, making for a robust shipping industry and an excellent harbor for travelling sailors seeking time ashore.

The kingdom’s natural defenses have shielded the region from involvement with other warring nations. The peaks deter unwanted intruders from the north while the rest of the territory surrounded by the sea. It would take a significantly accomplished navy for any nation to even entertain the notion of an invasion. As such, the kingdom need employ only a small army, just enough to maintain order within the kingdom.

With the horrfying phasing of the Shadowfell these natural barriers became a greater burden than a boon. While they made it difficult for anyone to enter the kingdom, it also made it difficult to escape. People had little choice but to flee south as more and more of the kingdom was overtaken by the darkness.



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