Valk is located on the north area of Angler Bay in southern Mordana. This industrious town is known as the premier shipyard. While many of the kingdom’s port towns have been known to build ships, the quality and durability of a Valk built seacraft is second to none. The local shipwrights are able to craft ships that can traverse the most turmoiled waters and remain steady and solid. Also, Valk’s ideal position right above the calm bay waters makes for a perfect launching point for new crafts. All the trans-continental trade ships employed by the kingdom are built here.

Unfortunately, as another tradesman town, Valk was easily conquered. Yet in the Shadowfell, the shipyard stays hard at work. It seems that once the dark forces at work complete domination over Mordana they have sinister goals to expand their reach beyond.

Post-occupation, the dark forces now use Valk as a harbor to work on building a navy. Currently, they seem to be making any final outfitting on their grand flagship, the Ship of the Damned. This is the same craft that forced the party to be marooned at the start of the campaign.



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