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The Light of Mordana Extinguished

The expansive capital city, Aurum, has been a glimmering pinnacle of civilization in the land of Mordana. It was hailed throughout the realm for its bustling commerce, beautiful architecture and rich blend of cultures. With the ascension of King Ulrich Garmond to power, Mordana was enjoying an unprecedented period of peace and prosperity. Aurum itself was oft referred to as the Light of Mordana for its grand ivory towers and the happiness of its people. It was also where the good king’s palace resided.

A decade passed under King Garmond’s golden rule. Aurum was in the midst of a grand comemerative festival to celebrate the kingdom’s fortune. Nobles and monarchs traveled from their distant lands and citizens of all races from the largest villages and the smallest settlements flocked to Aurum to take part in the jubilee. All who came reveled in the joyous anniversary of their benevolent ruler’s coronation. Though their merry-making would be short lived…

During the great banquet in the king’s hall the torches and lanterns illuminating the room suddenly flickered out. As the darkness set in, a chill permeated the air and the people’s smiles and laughter turned to panic. The darkness took grip of their very souls and their bodies faded from the plane. Ulrich could do naught, but watch in horror as his people’s tragic fate unfolded before him. He found himself unable to move despite his greatest struggle to resist. The king was petrified on his throne, to watch over the ruin of his kingdom for all time.

The event sent Mordana spiralling into a widespread panic. Seasoned arcanists were able to surmount that the occurance was acutally a trans-planar event and that in fact the Shadowfell had encroahed fully into their world. Aurum as they had known it had been displaced with a dark and twisted keep,and to make matters worse, terrible denizens of the Shadowfell were spewing forth from within. All manner of dark creatures laid seige to nearby settlements and began to draw them into the Shadowfell as well.

Despair has set in as darkness slowly consumes the land. Mordana sits now, precariously poised on the edge of ruin and the few villages that remain are searching desperately for a way to take a stand against the darkness…

Home Page

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